Nearby Transit

In January of 2019, we launched Uber Transit which allowed our riders to get public transit routes alongside other Uber products. While this was great for users who didn’t know how to get where they were going, our transit savvy users who were familiar with their routes didn’t find much value in the product.


Alex Luzi (UXR), Donald Stayner (PM), Daneil Lee (Eng), Ken Dang (Eng), Alex Feng (Eng), Jian Xie (Eng), Diana Robinson (DS)


Interaction and visual design, prototyping, product strategy

How might we provide transit savvy users easy access to pertinent transit information?

Core flow

Users enter the experience using the transit entrypoint on the homepage. When they land in the experience, they'll see a sheet with all the nearby lines and their departure times. The user can also use the map to find a specific station. As the user pans the map, the information in the sheet refreshes to reflect that of the map view.

Stop selected on the map

When a user selects a stop on the map, they'll see all the lines at that stop. They can then tap on a specific line to get more depature times. They'll also see service alerts that have been bucketed into categories so they can easily get an idea of what is happening with that line.


Since these users use transit frequently, the ability to access relevant information as quickly as possible is extremely important. For this reason, we included a favoriting feature. Users only have to find their most used stop/line combination once and can then favorite them for easy access in the future. Suggested lines based off their favorites would also appear in this new section so if they were near a line they use at other stops, they'd be able to find it's information at the top of the sheet.