I'm a staff product designer based in NYC exploring the intersection of finance and real estate at Realm. Previously at Snap, Forma, Uber & DocuSign.

0 —1 projects are my happy place.

Forma Closet

Forma's Digital Try On experience had found it's footing in b2b e-commerce while it's consumer app was struggling to find product-market fit. With a few redesigns, a slew of features, and some tough conversations, we shipped a viable product with a bittersweet ending.

Fleet Match

On a research trip to India in 2016 our team made an awesome discovery — some of our partners were hiring drivers to drive their vehicles on the Uber platform, effectively becoming business owners and creating a new way to earn with Uber. As we learned more, it became clear that the biggest problem both the drivers and car owners faced was finding each other in order to start earning. Thus, Fleet Match was born.

Mixed Modes

Rideshare is undoubtedly a great way to get from one place to another but quickly gets prohibitively expensive for longer journeys. For these trips, users were resigning themselves to expensive UberX trips or lengthy train rides, neither being an ideal solution. In order to help solve this problem, Uber launched Mixed Modes.

Nearby Transit

A majority of Uber users take public transit regularly - many of them everyday for their commute. In an effort to help them get where they need to go as easily as possible, we introduced Nearby Transit.


When I joined in March of 2022, customers in California were provided a white glove experience by way of personal home advisors who would guide homeowners through each step of the renovation process from choosing projects to finding contractors and breaking ground. While that business worked extremely well, it wasn't very scalable and we needed a solution that could mimic this end-to-end experience for users across the country. To solve for that, we launched Projects.


Realm provides homewoners trustworthy and unbiased data to make good home decisions, especially in relation to renovation pricing and ROI estimates. When I joined in March of 2022, their app had just launched and was doing shockingly well for the bare bones experience it offered. With such strong engagement metrics, we decided to go all in on the app but there was a top of funnel issue. Before adding new features, we needed to fix onboarding.